Nice Frangelica Coffee photos

Some cool frangelica coffee images:

frangelica coffee

Image by TerryJohnston
I heard STARBUCKS has some tough competition in town! =)

Hot Nuts!
frangelica coffee

Image by emotionaltoothpaste
Nothing taste’s better when you’re wet and cold from the crappy weather than a Tony’s Hot Nut (Coffee and Frangelica).

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20 Responses to Nice Frangelica Coffee photos

  1. Franchise says:

    OH, snap!! I’m speechless!

  2. Franchise says:

    And I’m working at being able to bring my feet up by my head. ;-)

  3. awungfoo says:

    This is sweet! :)

  4. purpletwinkie says:

    Cute. Nice of you to open up the first franchise for, well… Franchise ;)

  5. Beth☮♥♬ says:

    haha!!! thats funny, we’re doing a similar thing for my photography class right now… kind of a wide variety of obvious photo manipulation

  6. TerryJohnston says:

    Fran… i thought this would brighten/bring a smile to your face!

    John… sweet photo for a sweet girl!

    Scott… HAR!

    Beth… i’ve been wanting to do this picture for Fran for some time now and tonight while waiting for laundry to dry seemed like the best of time =) plus, i hear Fran makes one hell of a "Frannaccino!"

  7. tgagephoto says:

    LOL, only on terry’s stream!

  8. TerryJohnston says:

    Tom… wait ’til you see what i have in store for CJ! =)

  9. FlickrdOut says:

    Now see … I want one!!! You rock.

  10. Froot Smoothie says:

    oooh, i ‘ll bet all the staff will a wear purple aprons :-)

  11. Franchise says:

    You know it!

  12. ChartreuseMonkey(Linda) says:

    LOL!! I LOVE Franbucks. Always smooth with a bit of spice.
    I’ll have a vente please and thank you!

  13. TerryJohnston says:

    Dede… thank you and we all want to visit Franbucks!

    CJ… purple aprons and witty catch lines, that is what Franbucks is known for!

    Fran… =)

    LInda… I hear the "flickr spice latte" is to die for at Franbucks! =)

  14. Hotshoe Tango says:

    Jammin Java Terry, wonderfully espressive!!! You know we’d have a grape time hangin’ out at Franbucks! Cool beans!… ;)

  15. TerryJohnston says:

    Yvonne… we can grab a table together at the Grand Opening!

  16. Hotshoe Tango says:

    Let’s stop on the way and get balloons and party hats! … =)

  17. TerryJohnston says:

    Yvonne… maybe we could even become employees!!!

  18. Hotshoe Tango says:

    I know! We’d look awesome in them purple aprons!!

  19. graphistolage says:

    Well done :)

  20. TerryJohnston says:

    Yvonne.. YES!

    graphistolage… thank you!