Cool Coffee Kite images

Check out these coffee kite images:

Sabo kites Factory
coffee kite

Image by kuwait kites team
Very nice coffee

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks!
coffee kite

Image by Narisa
Long Beach Roasters

Weymouth Kite festival 2010, Day 123, 3/5/2010, 365/2010
coffee kite

Image by Paul Bratcher Photography
Cold and windy, not ideal conditions, was blustery and quite ‘perky’ down on the beach. The festival was a lot of fun, some cool kites in the sky. I have a bit of a soft spot for character and inflatable kites, this little dragon is cool! I resisted the urge to buy one though!

I also found ‘The Nook’ cafe/bar on the sea front. Kinda like a lounge bar/brasserie very nice salad and coffee! And it was way warmer than outside!

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4 Responses to Cool Coffee Kite images

  1. johngarghan says:

    really like theses kite festival shots and I really like sky shots like these so i really like this

    seen in my contacts

  2. rbrazile says:

    Ah, I was hoping you’d get one with the light shining through it…and this is one of the better ones for that, too…

  3. Paul Bratcher Photography says:

    the patches of clear blue sky and sunlight were few and far between!

  4. husbandunit says:

    What a fantastic kite. Nice capture.