Latte Art – Triple Rosetta Attempt

Pour by Ian – Amante Coffee Boulder, CO
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Latte Art – Triple Rosetta Attempt

  1. rickydeeman says:

    I think maybe (if you’re still having trouble), do the middle one last! That’s what I do, and I use the heavy foam to swipe through!

  2. enthusiasticcab6 says:

    I got a great tip for homemade espresso at coffeeloverstipandtricks (.) com

  3. MegaZsolti says:

    I’d drink that anytiem :D 

  4. javajunkie101 says:

    That is fabulous! May I have a cup?

  5. thear675 says:

    hahaha the evolution of a retarded rosetta. That made me laugh.

  6. MatanFliesher says:

    dude i think your milk is too thick. no? sorry if im wrong..

  7. TheChinglish says:

    meh, it’s only 12oz

  8. kberta says:

    That’s the largest cup ever! Well done though.

  9. uninvisible191 says:


  10. snoopyflick says:

    Try pouring the third one a little higher up, when the pitcher is too close the milk just rises up too much.

  11. stuchly1 says:

    on youtube is better tripple rosetta :)

  12. sexbutt555 says:

    hahaha, funny video. lately that’s all i’ve been trying to pour

  13. TheChinglish says:

    that sounds about right… I guess I’ll have to figure out a different way of pouring it.

  14. AtomicvCJD says:

    I think you just get to your heaviest microfoam with that last rosetta and so it’s hard to get the kind of detail that you get with the initial pour. Pretty rad anyway though.

  15. ironkittenx says:

    try doing the out side two first. i find it helps.

  16. applesomething says:

    haha, nice evolution description.