what does overuse of caffiene do?

Question by justinnniiimannn: what does overuse of caffiene do?
Pepsi, coffee, and occasionally caffeinated iced tea is pretty much all I drink. I get headaches almost every day which are relieved by ibuprofen. Could this be caused by drinking too much caffeine? Also, what else can overuse of it cause?

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Answer by Professor Mcduck
pretty much just super energy. you will be able to perform better physically mentally and emotionally in all areas of your life.

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  1. HeyTherePony says:

    Yes, too much caffeine can do this to you. It’s actually an addictive element, and when your body stops receiving it, you can crash worse than you would if you were just regularly tired, and can cause massive headaches and even detox effects that one would go through while detoxing off of hard drugs.
    When your body doesn’t regularly receive caffeine, when it is consumed, it is much more effective. It can also be used to cure migraines (but again, only in bodies who are not accustomed to a constant stream of it).