What to get this special someone for a Christmas gift (or any gift really)?

Question by Kaitou: What to get this special someone for a Christmas gift (or any gift really)?
I’m trying to think of something special to get a friend of mine for Christmas. He’s a classical musician so he’ll have pretty much any corny music gifts under the sun. Homemade stuff is always a good option. I’m trying to err away from food if I can though.

He is also into photography and art, is a big coffee/tea person, and leads a pretty reserved and quiet life with his trouble making cat. ^_^; He’s very well off, but is very modest and gives so much for others. He’s a warm, kind, compassionate person who has done a lot for me and other people through his craft.

He lives far from his family and has to fly out to see them for Christmas, but I want to remind him that there are people who love and care about him here too.

Needless to say, I carry a real soft spot for this guy. I really want to make this special in a heart-warming way without being overbearing.

Classical musician
Cat person
Art (especially paintings like from Georgia O’Keefe)
Photography (taking and viewing)
Warm, cozy, reserved
Doesn’t really like winter since we had 100″ of snow last year
Homemade is good. I’m kinda crafty.
Stay away from food/gift cards

What can I get/make?

PS: We’re not really a couple, but you can obviously see I love him. Makes me blush a little. :)

Best answer:

Answer by Nina
make him a scrap book of good times??

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