Why are Mormons studying coffee machines at BYU?

Question by : Why are Mormons studying coffee machines at BYU?
I’m Lutheran, as it was the parent’s faith. Last weekend I visited a former High School friend at the campus of BYU-Idaho. In her room was a Mr. Coffee machine (obviously in use) and before I left, asked her to be honest with me…was she drinking coffee now? She had been a very faithful Latter-Day Saint when I knew her a few years ago. She answered that she OF COURSE didn’t drink it, as it was against her religion. I mentioned the machine on her kitchen counter, and that the red little light was on when I arrived. She rather convincingly told me that it was easy to explain. She’s an engineering student, and the little machine was a project requirement for her Final Exam. My two questions to any LDS here: Does BYU-Idaho really require this type of “homework” for their students, and also, How are Mormons always so capable of getting out of exposure to all errors, by instant (no pun intended) smooth talk? Do they have Lessons in this behavior, or how exactly is it across the board in that church, from the newest members to the very top Officers? Does anyone know?



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Answer by Well, well, wellie, well, well…
Maybe they’re going to start a giant coffee company and become the next Starbucks….

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12 Responses to Why are Mormons studying coffee machines at BYU?

  1. Marco says:

    oh you are SUCH a troll…..

  2. Carmen R (Now a Koala) says:

    Sounds to me like she was drinking it.

  3. taffygirl says:

    Talking to a Mormon is not much different than talking to a Jehovah Witness, in that they both know how to cover up the lies and deceit.
    All cults teach their brainwashed followers how to lie and cover up..

  4. blizzard says:

    no of course we don’t have lessons on that (smooth talk)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she may be drinking it but it wont get you excommunicated .

  5. Smyth says:

    I attend BYU-Idaho, and I can say that not everybody follows the Honor Code, even in things like coffee. I’m not an engineering student so I can’t say anything about their projects, but I do find it doubtful that it was somehow a project.

    As for the second part of your question, GOOD Mormons don’t try to get out of anything with smooth talk, especially not lies. One of the doctrines of the Church is that every Latter-day Saint should live their lives in such a way as to be able to bear the closest scrutiny. Lies aren’t necessary if a person really lives by the Church’s teachings. If they don’t live by those teachings, lying only digs them into a deeper pit.

  6. WellTraveledProg says:

    When I was a teen being raised in the mormon church, our bishop was a real stickler for the “word of wisdom.” He used to tell us that ANY violation of it was as serious a “sin” as fornication was (don’t get me started on his rants on THAT). And that no matter what anybody else told us, drinking coke or coffee was absolutely a violation of the word of wisdom.

    One summer, he went with us on a boy scout (mormon-church troop, of course) camping trip to the High Sierra. After a week in the mountains, he was driving a bunch of us home in his van. I was in the front seat next to him, and noticed he was kinda dozing off on the long drive after a long week. We stopped for gas, he went inside, and once we started back up I noticed he had a bottle of coke in a paper bag that he was drinking from. I kept quiet for a few minutes…then finally asked him, “Bishop, I thought you said drinking coke was as serious a sin as fornication?” He looked embarrassed for a second, thought for a moment, then said, “Well, I have all these lives in my hands, and if I fall asleep while driving and have an accident, that would be terrible. So I’m sure god will understand.”

    I remember thinking to myself that if I ever got naked with a mormon girl and was about to have sex, I would tell her that my bishop told me “god would understand,” and I’d have at it. It still makes me chuckle :)


  7. Cindy2 says:

    Mormons aren’t supposed to drink coffee. If she does, that’s between her and her church. It’s none of your business. Why are you making a big deal out of it anyway?

  8. Heartman says:

    If drinking coffee is the worst thing this young Mormon woman from BYU ever did…

    in a world of venereal disease swapping, divorce, adultery, alcoholism, drug abuse, gangsterism, drive by shootings, murder, political tyranny, wars against indigenous populations of the world, and the list goes on and on…

    than all and all drinking coffee is not so bad.

    What would be bad would be to lie about it, most especially to a Bishop, as a means to gain favor to go into the Temple Of God, or to go on an LDS Mission, or to get a Temple marriage, or to do something like that, within THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints.

    Honesty is not only the best policy, it is the only policy when it comes to being a true LDS Christian.

    Honesty first, last, and forever.

    Without honesty you are on the path to the Devils eternal kingdom, also known as Outer Darkness, in the after life.

    The truth is the truth is the truth is the truth.

    Better to repent now, and make a complete one hundred percent commitment to honesty, and to Jesus Christ who is the very epitome of truth, than to go down the path that leads eventually to a complete denial of all truth.

  9. Elsie says:

    Mormons come in a variety of personalities, strengths, weaknesses, failings, etc. as does any other group of people. Some of us live our religion more diligently than others. How your friend follows her religion is between her and the Lord and not a reflection on how all Mormons practice their religion.

  10. c. says:

    I think, Natalie, that you were offended more by her easily lying about drinking coffee than her drinking coffee. It’s what mormons do. However, lots of mormons drink coffee. Secretly and all the way to in the open. It’s one of their own religious advisements, not a biblical law like lying for the LDS church. Your friend may not know or understand this vast distinction, being young and indoctrinated into mormonism’s dichotomies more than she may realize. Don’t be too hard on her for doing so.

    On the other hand, any “friend” who lies so instantly and so smoothly isn’t to be trusted, even with coffee. She’s only lying to herself, huh? Its so very sad she hasn’t a clue how obvious she was to thinking people. And what kind of friend assumes her friends don’t have the ability to think, besides a lying one?

    Think of the entire situation as a learning experience. There are friends, and then there are FRIENDS.

    EDIT: @ well trav, your bishop sounds AWFULLY familar. Did you grow up in the SLC area?

  11. colebolegooglygooglyhammerhead says:

    Some Mormons don’t adhere to what they are taught. And some Mormons tells lies–after all, we are all human and being a Latter Day Saint doesn’t mean that you are perfect. But–we do believe that to who much is given, much is required, and a person who is taught how to keep the commandments and still doesn’t is very much accountable for that. And they are not accountable to your or me but to God.

  12. Kerry says:

    Not knowing the situation, I cannot be as “judgmental” of the student as you appear to be. There could be a variety of reasons, including using it as a heating device for hot water for “Cup-o-Noodles” or something of the sort. Or, you could be nonjudgmental and believe a person at their word. Perhaps this says more about you and the student.