Segafredo Zanetti Coffee

Zack talks about Segafredo Zanetti coffee and brews a shot of espresso. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Segafredo Zanetti is a leading producer of fine coffee and espresso. The company is committed to quality assurance from bean to cup. Worldwide, more than 50 million cups of Segafredo Zanetti coffee beverages are consumed everyday. Learn more about Segafredo Zanetti coffee at: Visit us at Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter:

Italian coffee ad.

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3 Responses to Segafredo Zanetti Coffee

  1. battlenetistehgay says:

    I love segafredo zanetti.

  2. espressoitaliaonline says:

    Good coffee review Zac, well done!

  3. jeffmohd says:

    jan ako nag ttrabaho,, mga ugok!