dydo coffee “Italian espresso” Ducati moto collection

dydo coffee “Italian espresso”. If it is now, the Ducati moto collection is attached. On sale in Japan!

Just visited Goedhart Motorcycle Shop in Bodegraven , near Utrecht , and there is always free coffee and if you want , a stroopwafel or syrup-cookie to come with it .
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8 Responses to dydo coffee “Italian espresso” Ducati moto collection

  1. fabiofreedom says:

    ahahah il caffè in lattina… I think it is not tasty right? seem cocacola ehehe

  2. talissin says:

    Coffee on can!?!? Argh!!!

  3. dutchurbanminer says:

     And most importantly , Let them bring a Gold card or and old sock with lots of cash !!

  4. riitaalin says:

    That’s the Way to Get them old timers/elderly to buy bikes serve them some Coffee let them Sit on the bikes/try them on for size/fit too.

  5. dutchurbanminer says:

    Maybe , if scrapprices go up , I ‘d like a nice 4-stroke shaftdrive machine , but i;m not sure what brand.

  6. elcomcf says:

    Would you not buy yourself a bike? Maybe a BMW RT or honda deauville or something?

  7. dutchurbanminer says:

    As you can , not only young people but also elderly bikers meeting for a coffee , thats the great thing about this shop.

  8. RamblinAround says:

    They sure have a lot in stock! Very nice dealership!