Homemade Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

This video has been reloaded and remixed a bit. Click the arrow to learn more. I’ve reloaded the video because the original one contained copyrighted music. It was originally uploaded on August 9, 2010. Homemade recipe for a body scrub I created over a year ago. Quick and Easy to make. Much cheaper than buying store bought brands. Try it out and let me know how it turned out for you. I don’t really measure my ingredients. Just eye ball it and add more if necessary. I have many variations of this recipe…some even involve chocolate. Stay tuned for those videos!
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20 Responses to Homemade Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

  1. midoryag says:

    I just made this without using all of the ingredients and it’s awesome! My skin is so soft! I just have a question… Do you use any moisturizer after using the scrub? Or is not really necessary?

  2. Mrssoappeddler says:

    Love the way you put it all together!……its second nature to you? Does the glycerine make it bubbly at all? What would you put in it to do that if the glycerine doesn’t? Thanks!

  3. SealABag says:

    How to keep your brown sugar fresh and soft for months – the Banana Seal! Check out the web at: SaveTheBananaSeal com

  4. hollistercutieful says:

    do you need vegetable glycerin?

  5. quinishaa says:

    fantastic music and lovely scrub. can u pla tell me the name of the song!!!!

  6. MsLola1912 says:

    I will make some when my stash is out. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  7. sheenalyoung says:

    @sward96 I’m glad you’re enjoying it. YAY!

  8. sward96 says:

    I made this about two weeks ago and use it once a week and I still have a lot left over!!! It smells so good!!! And my skin is so soft!

  9. futur82 says:

    hi. y don’t u use it on ur face. i was actually planning on using it on my face. thank u

  10. BusyBeingFabulous says:

    yummmmmmmmm just wanna eat it

  11. sheenalyoung says:

    @mutie70 I just made some the other day. I’ve been playing with proportions and essential oils. Doesn’t matter the recipe, I LOVE IT! Can’t believe how much I used to pay for body scrubs! Le sigh!

  12. sheenalyoung says:

    @morbidprincess17 DANCE!

  13. mszeee says:

    @afrakomahateshaters – thank you I will try this. :)

  14. mszeee says:

    @sheenalyoung – ok i will give this a try, thank you p.s do you use it everyday or once a week?

  15. afrakomahateshaters says:

    @mszeee its used to remove dead skin cells(rough skin patches) to give a more even and smooth skin tone. BUT don’t use on your face as its too harsh!

  16. MegaFaith25 says:

    how long can i keep it before it goes bad

  17. mutie70 says:

    I loved this stuff!!

  18. morbidprincess17 says:

    i love this song~!! it makes me want to move :)

  19. sheenalyoung says:

    @mszeee I use it all over my body except for my face as a body scrub/exfoliant when in the shower.

  20. mszeee says:

    please how do you use this? pardon my ignorance :S many thanks